What is Ponding Water?

On many commercial flat roofs, water doesn’t properly drain off the roof.  It accrues in little ponds in the low points of the roof.  This is known as “ponding water” in the roofing world, and it causes a big problem for buildings. Parsons Roofing employs experts in diagnosing and repairing these types of issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Why is Ponding Water Bad for My Roof?

Warranty Issues – Most roofing products explicitly state that ponding water voids the warranty.

Leaking – Water can seep through cracks, punctures, and seams.

Freezing– Water can freeze and unfreeze, which causes problems to the integrity of the roof in vulnerable areas.

Plant and Algae Growth – Ponding water can cause plant and algae growth that eats into the roof membrane.

Roof Deterioration –  Many roofing products will deteriorate much quicker when they are constantly in contact with water.

Mosquitos – Another bad side effect of ponding water all over your roof is mosquitos breed in these areas.

The more ponding water your roof has, the more likely it is to cause you problems.

Why Does My Roof Have Ponding Water?

There are several reasons that ponding water occurs on flat roofs.  The first reason is poor design/construction.  Unfortunately, not all roofs are planned well and aren’t designed with proper slopes and/or drains.  Another common reason for ponding water is settling buildings.  Buildings will settle (slowly move) over time, which can lead to low points in the roof deck.  Past leaking areas will allow water into the insulation, which causes dips and sags in a roof.  Foot traffic is a common problem due to the weight of maintenance workers on the roof.

What Can I Do About Ponding Water?

Each roof must be evaluated by a professional to determine the best solution to the problem.  Simple roof maintenance can prevent many ponding issues.  Drains and gutters can be clogged and causing problems.  Adding drains can alleviate issues.  There are products that are designed to be applied to low areas that level the roof out.  GacoFlex S2000 is a solvent-free 100% silicone coating that renews weathered, leaking and “dipped” roofs. The application of Gaco silicone coating is extremely helpful because it is the ONLY product that has an unlimited ponding water warranty from the manufacturer. This approach is a cost-effective solution that ultimately provides multiple benefits when applied to a commercial roof. In instances where the roof HAS to be torn off, re-sloping the roof with tapered insulation is an effective method but only necessary when roof removal is required.

Parsons Roofing specializes in application methods to revitalize, repair and protect commercial roofs. Our team of experts works with industry leading manufactures and ensures that our work is high quality and cost-effective. Contact us today for a free quote and take the proper steps to protecting your assets.