Why Commercial Roofing Repairs?

Repairs can sometimes be made instead of a full roof replacement. Often, we can extend the life of a roof with repairs rather than needing to replace the entire roof. A roof doesn’t need to be replaced just because there are multiple leaks. The best way to know for sure is to get a Free Roof Analysis. Our analysis will give you an estimated remaining life of the roof, as well as our repair recommendations.

The Benefits of Commercial Roofing Repairs

Repair If Possible

Building owners should always look to repair the roof first if possible before considering replacement. Repairs are recommended to be made according to the manufacturer’s specifications using like materials. A common roof replacement solution is a roof coating using the GacoFlex S20 series for a cost-effective roof solution.

We will solve your leak

However, repairs are never fully guaranteed to restore complete functionality and leak resistance due to the possibility of water traveling through the decking system. Parsons Roofing Company is dedicated to repairing your roof and restoring it to its optimal functioning state. We take all measures to repair a leak until we are successful!

When to Repair a Commercial Roof?

Flat roof repair methods are preventative measures that help avoid high costs and bigger issues down the road. Choosing a trusted commercial roofing contractor will also ensure you get the maximum life out of your roof.

If your commercial roof only needs minor repairs that are easily performed, a roof repair is a better option than a roof replacement. Flat roofs that have good insulation and whose surface is in generally good condition are great candidates for repair work. Repairs will extend the life of your roof and are less costly than a complete re-cover or replacement.

Schedule frequent Timely Repairs

Making repairs as quickly as possible is the number one method to help avoid major costs down the line. When water enters underneath a roof surface it ruins insulation and decking. These areas cannot be left alone, or they will continue to deteriorate making the possibility of a roof re-cover impossible. Commercial roof leak repairs should never be left without repairing them, or high costs will incur in the future. By having repairs completed promptly, you will be able to keep small issues from becoming more significant problems.

  • Roof Punctures

    Roof punctures can be timely to find, small, scattered throughout your roof, and can lead to costly roof leaks if not addressed early on. We use infrared drone roof scans to assist in effectively locating roof leaks.

  • Open Seams

    Over time seams begin to open up due to weather and temperature changes that affect the roofing materials, either the adhesive or a loosening fastener will begin to allow seams to spread and open.

  • Ponding Water

    Water ponds on a roof and remains stagnant due to a sunken area of the roof. Ponding water should be addressed and fixed as soon as possible to avoid deterioration of the roofing material.

  • Fasteners

    Overtime fasteners can loosen, weather, and corrode. 

  • Apply more caulk

    Throughout intensive weather and typical aging, caulk will wear down, crack, and shrink over time. It's important to apply additional caulk to areas of need.

  • Blisters

    Gas expansion causes bubbles in the roof’s surface that look like pockmarks.

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