Slate, a naturally produced stone extruded from the earth, provides a beautiful and exquisite style for any residential roof. The natural thickness and rugged exterior of stone yields uncomparable leak protection by sealing your roof off from water. Pacer’s Roofing believes that your slate roof should not only offer a stunning impression, but also withstand the elements and time to equip your home the utmost protection a roof can provide.

The Benefits of a Slate Roof

Aesthetics: Above all else, slate is an attractive option to consider. There is just no other roofing material that offers the same look and texture that slate contributes. Slate delivers options in size, color, and thickness so each roof comprised of the material is unique in its own way. There is a reason that slate roofing has been utilized for hundreds of years; it allots a beauty all its own.

Life Span: Aside from metal roofing systems, slate is the longest lasting roofing material on the market, suggesting over 50 years of longevity. This is a huge upgrade from the 10-20 years the average asphalt roofing system provides.  Although slate roofing is more expensive than other materials, the option ends up paying for itself over the years by reducing maintenance and reconstruction roofing fees. 

Fire, Wind, and Rain Protection: Slate tiling is one of those most fire resistant roofing options that you have the option of investing in. This obviously adds to the security of any home that is roofed with slate. Many other roofing materials may not stop fire, but slate tiles are unaffected. Along with fire protection, slate can withstand high force winds and rains without damage.

Spectacular Finishes

Parson’s Roofing understands that if you have decided upon a slate roof, you have done so to add to the beauty of your home. To add even further to this aesthetic quality, we offer copper flashing that pairs well with the sleek colors and textures of slate. Cooper is securely welded to the slate material to supply the roof with optimal protection from leaks where needed.

Call us today for a free, no obligation inspection and quote for your new slate roof. And remember, we won’t charge you until the project is complete and you are 100% satisfied with our work! Our dedication is your satisfaction.