Economically priced and durable enough to last up to 25 years.


Asphalt shingle roofing systems are the most commonly chosen residential roofing systems in the country. They are economically priced and durable enough to last up to 25 years, providing many years of quality protection for your home. They also offer many options, giving choice to color, style, and design for your roof so that it flows well with other aesthetic qualities of the structure.

Types of Asphalt Shingles

Strip shingles for roofStrip Shingles

The most lightweight and basic option, strip shingles are aligned in a single layer to mimic the look of slate. Strip shingles are the most economically priced of all the asphalt shingles available and are offered in an array of colors to either match the system you already have or procure a fresh look.

Dimensional Shingles

dimensional shingles for a roofMost common of the asphalt shingle systems chosen by homeowners in the United States today, dimensional shingles are also known as architectural laminated shingles. Because they are developed in multiple layers, they offer a broader and richer appearance, hence the description of being dimensional. Since they are designed of heavy duty materials, they offer a lifespan of up to 30 years, as well as offer a lifetime warranty.

Designer Shingles

designer shingles for roofFor the most architecturally and aesthetically driven asphalt shingle style options, designer shingles are available. These shingles are developed for a luxurious home appearance that average asphalt shingles can’t offer. Each designer shingle is purposed for specific functions or styles, imitating other materials like Woodshake, slate, and shake roofing shingles. Added functions of designer shingles include impact protection and solar reflection that reduce the risk for damage and provide energy efficiency to lower energy costs of running your home. Whatever the style and functionality of designer shingles you may choose, they are guaranteed to provide a pleasing and beautiful personality to a residence.

Along with their high protection rating and multiple design options, the residential asphalt shingle systems offered by Parson’s Roofing all come included with a lifetime warranty, adding optimal security of your investment from the moment of installation until the end of your roof’s life.

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