A highly durable, chemical resistant solution. An obvious choice for restaurants and many other commercial roofing applications.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roofing systems are similar in many ways to the popular TPO roofing systems. PVC roofing systems are manufactured as a single-ply membrane that is both thick and flexible, much like TPO materials. While TPO roofing systems are more popular than PVC roofing systems within the commercial building sector, the two options are similar, and PVC systems do possess some advantages over TPO systems in certain roofing types projects.

The Advantages of PVC

The major advantage of PVC roofing systems as opposed to other types of roofing membranes is its chemically-resistant properties. Unlike many types of roofing materials, PVC roofing systems do not absorb chemicals or fumes and are more resistant to chemically-induced degradation. This makes PVC roofing a great choice for different types of businesses that are located near significant chemical emissions or that produces chemical emissions themselves.

Restaurants commonly produce oil from grease traps and from appliance systems in the kitchen. In these cases, a PVC roof will not absorb the oils, grease, or fumes produced by the restaurant, meaning that it will last longer and stay durable and protective despite chemical exposure. For buildings located in industrial regions, or buildings that produce chemicals, such as airports and factories, PVC is a great choice because the chemicals and gases in the environment in these locations will not impact the roof, as the PVC material is resistant to these elements.

If you have a commercial property in an area that experiences chemical output, or you own a business that produces oils and gases, PVC roofing is a great choice for a durable, cost-efficient, protective roofing system for your building.

 If you are considering PVC roofing for your building, our expert installers are on hand to assist you throughout the whole process, from estimate to completion.

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