Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen
An excellent choice for flat or low-slope commercial roofing systems.


Modified bitumen, as it’s used for roofing, is a material made of a bitumen substance- a mix of asphalt and/or black hydrocarbon, petroleum-based materials- mixed with rubber or plastic modifiers such as atactic polypropylene or styrene butadiene styrene. These modifiers give the sturdy, bitumen a flexible and durable quality that allows for easier installation and modification of roofing systems. Modified bitumen is an excellent choice for flat or low-slope commercial roofing systems because it is installed by rolls, using methods that work best on a surface without a steep incline.


The benefits of a modified bitumen roofing system include:

  • durability
  • weather-resistant
  • time-tested technology
  • flexibility
  • thickness of material
  • ease of repair


Product Description

The flexibility and weather-resistant properties of modified bitumen roofing systems make this a great option for commercial roofing projects and also reduce installation and maintenance costs for property owners. If you’re looking for a time-tested, affordable and reliable option for a new roofing system or a roofing replacement, modified bitumen systems are a great investment.

If you need help in selecting a roofing system and you are interested in modified bitumen, we look forward to working with you and assisting you in providing high quality, expert installation of this product.

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