Clay Tile

Clay Tile
A go-to choice for renowned architects and designers around the world.


There is a reason that historic buildings and modern establishments choose clay tile for their roofing; there is nothing on the market like it. Clay roofing has been a go-to choice for renowned architects and designers around the world for hundreds of years because it offers a rich and warm look that no other material can offer. Not only do they provide a lasting impression of beautiful rich colors and texture, clay roofing produces added benefits to the structure and quality of a home. Parson’s Roofing is dedicated to offering residential clay tile roofing to our customers’ satisfaction, each and every installation.

The Benefits of Clay

This specialty roofing is not only beautiful, it is a great investment.  Clay tile offers some great benefits, including:

  • longest lifespan than other roofing materials
  • easily maintained
  • energy efficient
  • weather resistant
  • mold & fungus resistant
  • aesthetic qualities never fade

There is no doubt that a clay roofing system will add both beautiful and lasting impressions for years to come if it is properly installed using quality materials. Contact Parson’s Roofing for a free estimate today.  

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