Residential Roof Replacement

We provide roofing replacement for homeowners that need to replace a roof due to damage, wear, and previous unprofessional installation. Getting a new roof is an investment that you want to be sure of since a roof protects the integrity of your house and your family from outside forces.


“Parsons roofing has great customer service. They are willing to go above and beyond to make a customer happy. Jay has been very professional throughout my experience with the company and has been a pleasure to work with. Jake was also very professional and even called me to check in, days after the originally schedule workday, to make sure I was a satisfied customer. Overall, I must say Parsons has exceeded my expectations and have helped to make me a very happy customer.”

-Austin F.

Our Process

First, we will come to your property to conduct a thorough inspection to provide a same-day estimate for your roofing replacement services. This estimate includes the cost of materials, scheduling and timeline, and roofing system suggestions for optimal efficiency.

After the estimate and design are completed based on your needs and desires, removal of your existing roofing materials must take place. We don’t just place a new roof after removing the old materials; we remove the flashing to make sure that the base of the roof is free from damage and leaks. If there is any rot or damage, our experts repair or replace materials that are not up to code so that no further problems arise once your new roof is installed.

What Sets Us Apart


Installing the new roofing system differs from project to project as size, extra features, and different materials may take longer or be of higher cost. Mainly, replacement roofing includes the installation of protective underlying material, elemental shield, and new roofing materials. If you desire CertainTeed products, our installers are certified master shingle applicators to provide the best in your quality reroof.

All of our roofing materials are high quality and provide the best in protection from outside elements as well as keep heating and cooling from escaping to help with energy efficiency.